The Metamorphosis – a transformational journey!

When you look back at the yesteryears of Gone Bingo, the picture that emerges is that of a simple layout and easy online bingo games. In those days the demand of the players were quite basic, which revolved around an easy user interface and equally easy games. So when Gone Bingo came into being, the site was designed with a minimalistic approach. With time things change and even the players’ expectations have. Today Gone Bingo wears a cool and upbeat look. So let’s check out its journey so far.

Looking Back: 2007

The initial years of Gone Bingo holds up an image of a simplistic website, offering bingo games. The mix of green and yellow, gave it a vibrant yet suave look. The players favoured the smooth look and the easy games that came with straight bonus offers. The demands of the players were such that Gone Bingo gradually developed itself as the best platform in the online bingo space. Be it in terms of games or user interface, it has evolved beautifully with time.

However, what remains unique is the use of the brand colour then and now. Gone Bingo has stuck with the base colours, while playing with new shades to accentuate the design. The clever balance of shades, along with font style and content placement adds up to the casual and friendly look of the website. A pro-player site, Gone Bingo has always kept it easy so that players of all level can enjoy their games.

2015: A revamped site

The change came at a time when the world was riding high on technology. Gone Bingo realized the need for a customized bingo platform that would answer to all the needs of its players. By then the online bingo market had gained momentum and started witnessing a great number of players taking up online gaming. While the elegant touch to the design was retained, the user experience was taken to the next level. What came out as the ultimate result was a heightened gaming experience for the players. The nitty-gritty of the site was changed to make it aesthetically appealing.


2007 – 2015: The Legacy Continues

Over the years Gone Bingo has gone from pillar to post in terms of gaming experience and game offers. Renowned for its super cool games and features, the site also gives off amazing jackpots. Tempting regular offers along with special treats are common for all games at this site. What differentiates it from similar sites is the fact that with time Gone Bingo has evolved beautifully to address each and every need of the players. The result of which has been an ever increasing database of active players.
Today, when we look at its glorious journey, so far, we notice it is dotted with remarkable achievements. The massive improvements in games, the every growing jackpot amount and the number of surprise bonus offers all prove the fact that Gone Bingo has grown to be the best in class. The revamped site now sports a suave look and offers an array of chic games!

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